Applying ESPF

The ESPF applies to the entire business canvas of the IL&FS Corporate covering infrastructure as well as financial services. It is customized to each BV and helps to meet national and lenders compliance requirements, as well as identify opportunities to add value to the projects, transactions and advisory assignments

The ESPF is presently being implemented in select business verticals of IL&FS. The Executive Boards of IL&FS Investment Managers Limited, IL&FS Cluster Development Initiative, IL&FS Infrastructure Development Corporation Limited and IL&FS Maritime Infrastructure Company Limited have approved a customized version of the ESPF

It is now in the operationalization phase in these companies, wherein new projects, transactions or advisory services (as relevant) goes through the customized ESPF process for the company for identification of E&S risks and safeguard measures

An ESPF Corporate Cell has been established to facilitate this process. The E&S Cell studied all the existing business in these companies for calibrating the E&S risk assessment framework. Development of company specific ESPF systems is ongoing in IL&FS Transportation Networks Limited and IL&FS Financial Services Limited at present. Additionally, ESPF is also being implemented in IL&FS Water Limited, IL&FS Energy Development Company Limited, IL&FS Environmental Infrastructure and Services Limited
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