E&S Awareness Activities

Under the ongoing establishment of the ESPF in IL&FS and some of the group companies, an awareness programme was implemented for the IL&FS employees. The main objective of the Awareness Programme was to ensure that all employees were given an opportunity to learn, understand and incorporate the key concepts behind the ESPF, thereby assisting the Company take decisive steps in fulfilling the E&S Corporate Policy

Active participation and interest was elicited in these programmes from the entire group. The ESPF Cell set up to assist with the activities organised events such as

  • World Environment Day 2010: Movie Screening on the 'hotly' debated global phenomenon of climate change
  • Nature Trail: Trek through The Sanjay Gandhi National Park in Mumbai and Kanheri Caves
  • Recycling, Composting, Civic issues: A Presentation on 3Rs (Reduce, Reuse, Recycle) & Waste Composting
  • 'Wildlife Shorts' a film festival of short local films on India's wildlife: Series of Films
  • Uncovering the mysterious mangroves of Mumbai: A visit to Godrej Mangroves at Vikhroli to Learn about the life saving power of these buffer zones, understated the elegance of its flora and fauna and rediscover the treasure that are Mangroves
  • Rainwater harvesting and Solar Water heating in residences: Learning how to conserve precious natural resources, install and successfully run RWH and Solar Water heating for residences
  • Green Lifestyle Presentation: Learn more about living responsibly so that future generations are not compromised by the choices we make.
  • Carbon Footprint Calculation Campaign: Computing the carbon footprint and carbon footprint index of the employees. Apart from reporting the footprint, the calculator provided tips on how to reduce the footprint by changing lifestyles
  • Academy for Applied Development
  • ESPF Policy Statement
  • Applying ESPF
  • E&S Awareness Activities
  • Project Parivartan
  • Parivartan Computer Bus