Parivartan Computer Bus

One of the components of the Parivartan Project, the Computer on Wheels is a refurbished bus that serves as a Mobile Computer Class that moves from village to village disseminating knowledge

The Parivartan Computer Bus aims at providing computer education and other IT-based training programmes at the schools and locations, which lack basic IT infrastructure, electricity and skilled IT trainers

ITNL has two buses per project providing child-friendly and delightful teaching-learning facilities. The IT infrastructure includes 17 Laptops, a K-yan with screen and colourful furniture and fittings. The computer education programmes run on freeware platforms

The Parivartan Computer Bus has travelled 2823 kms between Pune-Solapur and 1425 kms between Ranchi-Hazaribagh in the first three months of its launch
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