Academy for Applied Development

Since the mid 1990’s, IL&FS has been governed under a comprehensive Environment and Social Policy Framework (ESPF) that underscores mainstreaming sustainability. More recently, the Board of Directors of IL&FS approved the establishment of the IL&FS Academy for Applied Development (IAAD). It is intended that IAAD serve as a vehicle to scale sustainability initiatives that have passed the proof of concept stage and through this process stimulate innovation and leadership

IL&FS has established an endowed fund (IL&FS Endowed Fund for MAGEEP Visiting Scholars) at Washington University in St. Louis (WUStl). Visiting Scholars will be from MAGEEP Universities and IL&FS Group of companies and will collaborate on projects related to Energy, Environment and Sustainability at Washington University under the direction of faculty from WUStL and personnel from IL&FS to create cutting edge research and innovations in these areas

The McDonnell Academy Global Energy and Environmental Partnership (MAGEEP, ) is a consortium of 28 universities and corporate partners working together in energy, environmental and sustainability research, education, and operations under the auspices of the McDonnell International Scholars Academy. The mission is to collectively identify and collaboratively tackle important global energy and environmental challenges in an integrated and holistic manner. The goals are to: promote collaborative projects in various aspects of energy & environment with seed funding; be a forum for exchange of ideas and promoting interactions via International Symposia; explore opportunities for sustaining research collaborations by collaboratively funding initiatives; share educational experiences and best practices

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