IL&FS Securities Services Limited

IL&FS Securities Services Ltd., (ISSL) evolved as a captive service provider for IL&FS for its activities in 1995 and functioned as a division of IL&FS. It harnessed the operations synergies through consolidation of all back office operations of IL&FS under one roof

Back office process knowledge accumulation led to the development of independent service lines, which were offered to external clients on a commercial basis. In addition to these licenses for offering custodial services, depository services and clearing services were also offered to retail and corporate clients

The volume achieved critical mass in 2006, enabling hiving off of the operations into a separate entity, IL&FS Securities Services Ltd., (ISSL). ISSL was incorporated in July 2006 as a 100% Subsidiary of IL&FS and has been able to build requisite capabilities for undertaking all the services offered by it. It holds leadership positions in F&O Clearing and new products such as Broking Back Office, Broker’s Broker and ESOP Funding

In terms of a centralized operations center, it has over 35,000 square feet of captive space for housing the back office and service units for all the business operations. This also includes around 10000 sq ft. of industry standard storage space for document safe custody. Fall back infrastructure arrangement in the form of captive space available within the IL&FS Group to accommodate further growth. Requisite Disaster Recover infrastructure is in the process of being created and data replication for critical operations like Depository and Clearing operations already implemented

ISSL has developed strong in-house capabilities to develop systems for all its Activities. It has a 38-member team well qualified and experienced, both in software and in capital markets, to undertake this. In addition to developing systems, the in house team is also able to provide round the clock 24/7 support. All steps are being implemented for the disaster recovery site, and a mini server farm at Bangalore, proposed to be used for this purpose

Driven by regulatory reforms, the financial services industry in India is witnessing a robust growth. This has led to significantly enhanced number of market participants, leading to deepening of the markets. IL&FS Securities Services Ltd., (ISSL) with its institutional pedigree, established processes and systems and a strong client base is well positioned to capitalize on this opportunity, to emerge as an Industry leader