Tirupur Water Supply Project

First water sector related project under the public-private partnership framework in the country

First Greenfield integrated water and sewerage project in the country

Tirupur has attained worldwide recognition due to this knitwear industry which manufactures products for leading brands like Walt Disney. Currently the town contributes about USD 1 billion annually to the export earnings of the country. Exports from this area have been growing at a rapid pace of over 15% per annum in the last decade

Shortage of water supply and inadequate infrastructure for collection, treatment and disposal of industrial / domestic wastewater were the major bottlenecks for the growth of the industries. Significant improvements in the existing infrastructure was considered imperative for maintaining its competitiveness in the sector

The project was conceived by the Government of Tamil Nadu (GoTN) as a water supply project to Tirupur town at an estimated cost of about Rs. 400 crores. The industry did not have sufficient resources to put up project of this magnitude. Due to budgetary constraints, the State Government proposed to implement the project on a commercial format on Public Private Partnership basis along with IL&FS

The project was the first integrated water supply proposed to be undertaken in India in the water sector on PPP basis. IL&FS, GoTN and Tirupur Exporters Association (TEA) formed a Steering committee to facilitate project development and take necessary decisions and actions in this regard. At an appropriate time during the project development process, GoTN, IL&FS and TEA promoted the New Tirupur Area Development Corporation Ltd. (NTADCL) as the vehicle for project implementation

The project has contributed significantly to the sector by being the precedent for future projects in the sector and setting up benchmark transaction documents that could be replicated. The project has also facilitated creation of new frameworks for transaction management. This demonstrates IL&FS’s leadership and excellence for infrastructure development through PPP frameworks in the country

The successful financial closure achieved by IL&FS with investments from national and international markets, established a “Benchmark” of innovative financing and structuring to implement infrastructure projects
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