Environmental Information Centre (EIC)

First information database to aid environmental impact assessment in the country

The EIC is a unique platform evolved for information sharing, database retrieval, value addition and quality control, customization and dissemination to tailor made requirements. Additionally, the EIC provides data in a GIS enabled format which serves as a basic tool in conducting such an analysis with layers of complex database

EIC is the first institution of its kind set up on a PPP format. The centre is a joint initiative between IL&FS through its Subsidiary, Ecosmart and the Ministry of Environment and Forests (MoEF)

IL&FS approached the MoEF with the concept of developing a repository of information or an environmental database that could be evolved as a tool for various applications. The concept of “Environmental Information Centre” (EIC) was strategised and developed in 2002 by IL&FS in partnership with the Ministry of Environment & Forests. It is a First unique database in India to be set up on PPP basis

The EIC has now evolved as a professionally managed clearing-house of environmental information. This initiative has been in operation since 2004

Most medium to large projects that have significant economic multiplier effects, could have substantial social and environmental costs if not planned well. EIC Database has helped mitigate some of these costs by internalizing social and environmental considerations while planning projects with optimal economic returns. Wider application of such information will eventually contribute to an improved quality of environment

  • Delhi-Noida Toll Bridge
  • East Coast Road
  • Tirupur Water Supply Project
  • Visakhapatnam Industrial Water Supply Project
  • Jal Mahal Tourism Project
  • Ahmedabad Municipal Bonds
  • AIG Indian Sectoral Equity Fund (AISEF)
  • Kottayam-Kumarakom Ecocity Project
  • Environmental Information Centre (EIC)
  • K-Yan Compact Media Centre

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