K-Yan Compact Media Centre

First patented convergent media center with software Applications to support transformation of primary and secondary education

There is an increasing need for integrating the use of technology at the community level in general and more particularly in education. This need has been articulated by a cross section of groups : Governments, educational institutions, policy makers, administrators, teacher, students and parents

Current technology requires use of several different, complex and expensive electronic devices and systems for the same – multimedia computers, television sets, large format display devices, audio players, VCD/DVD players and game stations. However, each of these products address only a few of the desired requirements

IL&FS has been working in the education space for the last 6 years in integrating the use of technology in curriculum teaching through its subsidiary, the IL&FS Education & Technology Services Limited (IETS) which has been specifically incorporated for this purpose

The inadequacies of the available hardware in this context led IETS to initiate the process of designing a multi-media delivery platform suited to the needs of group learning through technology. IETS worked with Industrial Design Centre (IDC), Indian Institute of Technology(IIT), Bombay in development of K-Yan-Compact Media Centre

K-Yan is a portable integrated multimedia electronic device built on convergence technology particularly for use in storage and processing of digital / analog signals from satellites, broadcasts, telecasts and for ultra-large size display of images, for community use in areas of education, shared learning, community awareness, promotional and publicity campaigns, public governance, entertainment, internet, broadcast access and so on

K-Yan has been recognized at various levels of Government as being an innovative device for enabling technology-assisted education. The Department of Information Technology & Biotechnology, Government of Karnataka, has, for instance, recommended the preferential tax treatment for K-Yan on the basis of its utility for the education sector

The Government of Maharashtra has also recognized IETS’s contribution in bringing technology to education and has awarded it the Maharashtra IT Award-2004
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