Bringing Healthcare to the Poorest

Jharkhand and West Bengal have some of India’s most backward districts. In many of the villages in these districts, 70% of the population lives below the poverty line. Pollution from extensive mining has given rise to several diseases affecting thousands of people in the region, and access to affordable healthcare facilities is also limited.

Alongside ITNL’s road projects in the region, we have been operating Mobile Medical Units (MMUs) to serve the healthcare needs of these underprivileged populations. The MMU in the Hazaribagh-Ranchi Expressway stretch serves 17 villages and has been operational since 2013. It has helped diagnose, treat and refer about 30,000 patients. The unit has also organised special health and awareness camps about anaemia, malaria, heat stroke and other common health risks in the communities. Periodic health check-up programmes held in 12 schools have benefited 4300 children.

Our MMU along the Barwa Adda Expressway covers 32 locations and about 20,000 people. Operational since 2016, the MMU provides curative treatments, but is also working towards preventive measures. It aims to reduce the incidence of waterborne diseases in the area by 20% in three years.