In a path-breaking PPP initiative for the East Delhi Municipal Corporation, IL&FS Environment has set up a Waste to Energy plant at the Ghazipur dumpsite, which receives more than 2000 tons per day of Delhi's municipal solid waste. It provides a scientific solution to address some of the environmental, health and safety hazards posed by the 29-hectare dumping ground containing 12 million tons of accumulated garbage.

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Innovations and Impact

  1. An elaborate seven-stage pre-processing section in the plant converts waste to Refuse Derived Fuel of high calorific value. Set up to initially process 1300 tons per day (TPD) of municipal solid waste and generate 12 MW of Green Power, the plant is built with a capacity to process 2000 TPD of waste.
  2. The plant will contribute to combating global warming by mitigating 8.2 million tons of greenhouse gases over the life of the project.
  3. The plant is India’s first WtE plant compliant with Euro norms for emission along with the highest standards of pollution control measures. To implement the highest levels of transparency, a Continuous Emission Monitoring System (CEMS) enables online viewing of key emission parameters on real time basis.
  4. Apart from positively impacting the health and hygiene of the nearby communities by processing fresh municipal solid waste, the project's initiatives for generation of employment, alternative livelihoods and functional literacy are creating societal benefits. The project will also help in saving 260 acres of scarce urban land valued at over Rs 2000 crores.


November 2015 Green power generation commenced



Video: IL&FS Waste Management in Delhi
A short film on IL&FS Environment's initiatives in Delhi, which include the Waste to Energy Plant in Ghazipur, the Construction & Demolition Waste Facility at Burari, and an alternative livelihood initiative for ragpicker families living around the Ghazipur dumpsite.

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