Tamil Nadu Water Investment Company (TWIC), a joint venture between the Government of Tamil Nadu and IL&FS, developed and established 9 textile-dyeing Common Effluent Treatment Plants (CETP) in the Tirupur textile industries cluster. Based on Zero Liquid Discharge, with a combined capacity of 53 MLD, these plants mitigate pollution of Noyyal River, a major source of water for the local villages and agriculturists.


Innovations and Impact

  1. The CETPs reuse 95-98% of the water and 70-80% of the salt from the wastewater, for reuse in the dyeing process, ensuring commercial viability. The direct re-use of treated brine in the dyeing process reduces the need for the thermal evaporator system. The application for patenting the Treated Brine Reuse Technology is underway.
  2. The project has encouraged industry to monitor water usage and promote recycling. As water demand by industry is reduced, more water is made available for agriculture and domestic demands.
  3. The project ensures sustainable growth while meeting the most stringent regulatory norms. It has been named ‘Industrial Water Project of the year 2014’ by GWI UK, and ‘2014 WateReuse Industrial Project of the Year’ by Water Reuse Association USA, and has also received the ‘2030 WRG Corporate Water Stewardship Award’ from GWI Athens.


October 2004 Industries receive High Court order to stop effluent discharge
October 2008 Pre treatment and RO plants commissioned
August 2010 Farmers petition as industries continue to pollute
January 2011 Court orders closure of dyeing and bleaching units
June 2011 TWIC presents revised technology to GoTN
August 2011 Revised technology successfully demonstrated in one CETP
March 2012 Other plants in Tirupur resume operations with new technology



Video: Tirupur Zero Liquid Discharge Project

Tamilnadu Water Investment Company (TWIC)
Joint Venture company promoted by Govt of Tamil Nadu and IL&FS, which implemented the project

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