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Where did the great dream go?
Wednesday,Sep 11, 2013

In India, millions of young people are unable to find a job while employers struggle to find qualified candidates. According to government estimates, 500 million young people must be trained by 2022. To help achieve this, the government's National Skills Development Corporation, set up in 2009, funds training centres and acts as a go-between with industry. It is effectively training youth on a war footing. Its target is to give vocational skills to 500 million Indians by 2022

Private companies are pitching in, too. IL&FS skills training centre has trained around 225,000 since 2007. By 2017, it plans to have trained 4 million young people

IL&FS Skills is one of the largest providers of skills and placement support to candidates from 25 states in India. Our initiatives in skills range from public sector scheme based programs; private funded initiatives (HR, CSR initiatives) to Public Private Partnership (PPP) models. Under our public funded skills initiatives with Government of India, we are currently working very actively with Ministry of Rural Development, Ministry of Textiles, Ministry of Human Resource Development and Ministry of Housing and Poverty Alleviation

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