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I-Care, IL&FS-ETS Certification for Advancement in Rural Entrepreneurship

More than 600,000 villages of India house two-thirds of the country’s population, and earn one-third of the national income. Rural consumers represent more than 50 percent of consuming class and are the prime target market for consumer goods and essential services such as education, healthcare and employment. Despite such an open market, around 68 percent of the rural economy still lies untapped. Given the immense scope of application of Information and Communication Technology tools for bettering service delivery processes, and opening up new vistas for village-level entrepreneurship and generation of local wealth, the key issue in this context is how to build human capacities

To address the issue of training manpower in rural India, IL&FS Education and Technology Services Limited (IL&FS-ETS) and Indian Institute of Management, Ahmedabad (IIMA), jointly developed a 15 day program titled I-Care, IL&FS-ETS Certification for Advancement in Rural Entrepreneurship

This program was conducted at Alipur facilities of Nehru Yuva Kendra Sanghatan (NYKS). Three qualified trainers of IL&FS -ETS conducted the training. The approach was participative and case studies from rural backdrops were used to make it relevant. Computer lab sessions ensured that the participants are exposed to the concepts of Information Technology and its usefulness in running the business. Field visits to the nearby market with specific objectives gave a real life experience

The Program focused on topics like:
Personal Skills where the communication skills and interpersonal skills were developed

Social Entrepreneurship harnessed their skills in developing relationship with social network. They were trained to appreciate social and economic capital

Benchmarking/Learning from Others created awareness about the best practices like ICT initiatives in India

Developing Village Businesses and Assessing and Harnessing Opportunities, enabled them to identify and evaluate opportunities to explore plethora of services, which can be provided in order to make an enterprise sustainable

Managing Networks and Inter-personal Relationships enabled them to understand and utilize the networks resourcefully to provide timely and relevant services

Writing Project Plans and Managing Funds helped them to learn the basics of accounting, costing and banking procedures. Thus enabling to create business plans

Computer Skills and Technology Management would create awareness about IT applications for providing information about business model

Public Administration & e-Governance created awareness about Govt. structure and benefits of E-Governance for rural India
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