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The Right Turn Program – Training Delhi Police

In a global world, a need has arisen to be able to communicate in a language that is understood by one and all. Worldwide, English is seen as a language for communication between people of different origins and cultures. IL&FS Education and Technology Services Limited (IETS) works in the field of education and training and has developed many English Language programs for teachers, children and adults. IETS has also convened along with UNICEF an English Language Consortium, which will offer composite English teaching programs

IETS will impart English Language training to 40,000 police personnel in Delhi to prepare them for the Commonwealth Games to be held in the year 2010. The program christened 'Right Turn' grooms participants on basic skills of spoken English, communication and common courtesies. People and athletes from all over the world are expected to come to Delhi to participate in the games. Police personnel will be playing a key role in managing and helping visitors from different nations wherein English will be the common language for communication. In addition to policing, they will be expected to take on different roles - that of hosts, tourist guides and help desk personnel

In order to prepare the police for the above mentioned roles, the IETS training program will equip the police personnel with a vocabulary, phrases, and sentences in English that can be used appropriately in the context of guiding, giving directions and instructions, and sharing information

The Right Turn Program is designed for a high level of interactivity and listening and spoken language comprehension. The 9-hour program includes a variety of resources and methods that are contextualized to meet their needs

The Right Turn Program was launched on the 26th July 2007 at the Police Training Institute at Jaroda Kalan. Police personnel of the rank of inspectors, sub-Inspectors, head constables and constables are being trained

The police training program has been extremely successful and IETS will now be conducting training programs for police in Rajasthan as well
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