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K -yan

IL&FS Education and Technology Services (IETS) has developed K-yan, an easy-to-use, compact unit that combines a high-end multimedia computer, a television, a projector and Internet connectivity

Developed by IETS in association with the Indian Institute of Technology, Mumbai, the K-yan’s matchless features make it a high-powered tool for entertainment, education and communication in a variety of settings – residential, educational, government or corporate

K-yan has been rated by an Outlook magazine survey, as one of the "10 cutting edge Indian technologies that could transform lives across the world" and has been featured as "an educational tool that will radically change the way Indian students, especially the poor, are being taught"

Projects in this Sector
  • Adding dimensions Core Skills For A Global Workforce
  • Ahmedabad Municipal Teachers Technology Training
  • Bihar Knowledge Centre
  • Computer Aided Learning (CAL) in the State of Bihar
  • EDUSAT Haryana Project
  • Governance Training
  • I-Care, IL&FS-ETS Certification for Advancement in Rural Entrepreneurship
  • Integrated Quality Enhancement at Municipal Schools
  • K -yan
  • Low Cost High Quality Schools Program
  • The Right Turn Program – Training Delhi Police
  • Tripura-Tele-Ophthalmology Project