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Adayar Eco Park Project

In recognition of TNRDC’s competencies in project development and implementation and exposure to environmental mitigation processes, Government of Tamil Nadu (GoTN) has entrusted the rejuvenation and development of Adayar Creek measuring 58 acres into a landmark Eco Park

Adayar Creek is an important ecosystem in Chennai that supports a number of life forms. Over the years, the conditions in the Creek have severely deteriorated, one of the major reasons being the infusion of sewage water from nearby properties. The water inlet from the sea has also been choked cutting off sea water from the Creek

In order to resotre/rejuvenate the Creek to its original condition, the GoTN had been desirous of transforming the Adayar Creek into an Ecopark that would become the destination for Chennaites and others

Upon successful completion, Adayar Eco Park is expected to emerge as a benchmark for development of similar Eco Parks and sanctuaries across the State

Towards the above, GoTN has set up a trust by name and style of “Adayar Creek Trust” in which the lands and funds would be vested. The Government has also consented to provide financial assistance to the tune of Rs 50 Cr for funding the Adayar Eco Park Project

A 50:50 joint venture Special Purpose Vehicle of GoTN and TNRDC titled “Adayar Creek Eco Park Ltd” is being formed to function as the Managing Associate for developing, improving, managing and maintaining the Eco Park. The Company would be incorporated with a nominal share capital and would not have its management cadre, as TNRDC would assist it in discharging all its day-to-day functions

TNRDC is working in close co-ordination with Corporation of Chennai and Auroville for developing the Adayar Eco Park

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