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Sabarimala Master Plan

The Sabarimala Master Plan report submitted by IL&FS Ecosmart Ltd. and approved by all the stakeholders including the Travancore Devaswom Board, Ministry of Environment and Forests, Government of India, Hon’ble Supreme Court of India and the Government of Kerala provides a unique opportunity for all concerned to ensure development of Sabarimala into a world class pilgrim centre

Although the Temple has evolved over time, infrastructure, facilities and services have lagged behind the growth. This has adversely affected the pilgrimage, host society and eco-fragile environment

The Master Plan aims to develop the Sabarimala temple complex and the surrounding region which mostly forms part of Periyar Forest Reserve, in a complimentary and eco-friendly manner, so as to provide a satisfying pilgrimage experience to the pilgrims visiting the Holy Shrine

Provision of sustainable basic infrastructure facilities to the pilgrims while safeguarding the environment is the overall objective of the Master Plan

The Master Plan outlines the vision and 'Road Map' for development by proposing interventions for the immediate phase till 2015 and the long term phase till 2050 and by detailing out the guidelines to ensure that the development is as per the proposed vision. The suggested proposals are based on detailed scientific studies and modeling in each area of concern. A summary of the proposed interventions and land requirement has been also included in the submitted Master Plan

The Perspective: 2015 plan would facilitate planned development considering the on-going projects and immediate necessities. This would also prepare ground for initiating base camp development, infrastructure provision and to address relevant areas from Pampa Action Plan in the context of pollution control. This would take care of the medium term requirements till such time the long-term perspective plan starts getting implemented. The long term plan, Perspective: 2050 would aid in setting apart required land and other resources for development over the following decades

The Master Plan include aspects related to pilgrim management, development of base camps and transit facilities and the land use – transportation linkages and incorporates latest technological and economically feasible solutions wherever possible. It also analyses the infrastructure requirements, physical and social amenities and services required to support the pilgrimage, land / development management strategies at Pampa and Sannidhanam, development models for built spaces, implementation and monitoring plan and options on phasing, resource mobilisation, disaster management and institutional mechanism to oversee regional development
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  • Gorai Dumping Ground Closure
  • Kottayam-Kumarakom Ecocity Project
  • Rehabilitation & Resettlement Programme for Mumbai Urban Transport Project
  • Sabarimala Master Plan
  • Solid Waste Management

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