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Common Services Centres Scheme

The Common Services Centres (CSC) Scheme is part of National e-Governance Plan (NeGP) of the National Common Minimum Programme for providing e-governance countrywide by bringing government services to the doorsteps of the citizens. The objective of the CSC Scheme is to integrate the commercial goals of private sector with the larger development goals of the State as well as the Nation. The CSC Scheme proposes a detailed plan to roll out 100,000 CSCs in rural areas and 10,000 CSCs in urban areas across the country with equitable geographical spread, on a Public-Private Partnership (PPP) model

The Scheme would be implemented through a three-tier structure for the States. At the first (CSC) level would be the local Village Level Entrepreneur (VLE - loosely analogous to a franchisee). At the second/middle level would be an entity termed the Service Centre Agency (SCA – loosely analogous to a franchiser). At the third level would be the agency designated by the State to facilitate implementation of the Scheme within the State. This entrepreneurial model will help in socio-economic development of rural India by providing job opportunities, awareness, knowledge empowerment and cost savings for the citizens as well as the state governments. The CSC Scheme’s focus will be on Public Service Delivery & Outcomes through Process Re-engineering & Change Management

Since implementation of a mission-oriented project of this size and scope would pose significant challenges of project management at the national level as also in exploiting opportunities to achieve significant economies of scale, IL&FS has been appointed as the Program Management Agency to assist the Department of IT & the States in carrying all activities related to pre-implementation and implementation phase of the Scheme. IL&FS would work with the Department of IT to develop a Public Private Partnership framework for the Scheme, coalesce diverse stakeholders to work through common institutional and contractual frameworks, harness national level resources, loop best practices, enable transparent and inclusive process of participation across stakeholders, undertake to underwrite resources for the Scheme, standardise design, content and processes into a replicable collaborative framework and so on


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