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India Project Development Fund

India Project Development Fund (IPDF) is a novel concept introduced by IL&FS towards funding project development expenses of large infrastructure projects, primarily in surface transport, ports, water and power infrastructure. IPDF effectively meets all project development costs and takes on the development risk upto financial closure

IPDF was the first private equity fund in India for project development funding covering:
  • Project Design & Techno-Financial Feasibility
  • Environmental, Social & Market Studies
  • Establishing Contractual Framework
Investments made by IPDF helped key infrastructure projects conclude project development activity and thereby achieve financial closure to be taken up for implementation. These projects covered the entire spectrum of infrastructure sub-sectors, many of them being the first of their respective sectors.

IPDF made seven investments and was fully divested in November 2007, generating a gross realized IRR of 23% (in US$ IRR terms), validating the ability to deploy capital at the project development stage and laying the foundation for future funds in the same genre

Key Transactions
Visakhapatnam Industrial Water Supply Company Limited
Rewas Port Development Company Limited

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