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AIG Indian Sectoral Equity Fund

AIG Indian Sectoral Equity Fund (AISEF) is a Sectoral Fund sponsored by American International Group, Inc. (AIG), one of the world’s largest insurance companies and IL&FS for making investments in infrastructure and growth sectors in India. This was the first Fund set up to induct long-term equity support for infrastructure, telecom, roads, gas distribution and retail projects in India and comprises both domestic and offshore investors

All investments made by the Fund were realized in May 2007, making AISEF the first of the funds managed by IIML to complete its life cycle. Investments managed by IIML generated a gross return of 27.2% p.a. (in US$ terms), with a 3.6 multiple

Key Transactions
Noida Toll Bridge Company Limited
Indraprastha Gas Limited
RPG Mobile Limited / RPG Cellular and Investments
Holdings Private Limited

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