Physical Infrastructure


Indo Nepal Transmission Lines

IL&FS and Nepal Electricity Authority (NEA), the state owned integrated power utility of Nepal, have embarked upon an important initiative to interconnect the power grids of the two countries for interchange of power for mutual benefits. It was agreed to set-up two companies - JVC India & JVC Nepal for implementation of the Indian & Nepalese portions of the interconnection respectively. In first phase JVC India & JVC Nepal are involved in development of 145Kms, 400KV, D/C Dhalkhebar (in Nepal) to Muzaffarpur (In India) transmission link.
Projects in this Sector
  • 1004 MW of Wind Power Projects
  • 1090 MW Tripura Gas Based Power Project
  • 145 Km, 400KV, D/C Indo-Nepal Transmission Line
  • 6000MW Nana Layja Power Project (4000 MW Coal & 2000 MW Gas)
  • 660 km, 400 kV Transmission Line – (Associated with Tripura Power Project)
  • Bihar State Electricity Board
  • Biomass Projects
  • Biomass Projects in Aurangabad, Maharashtra
  • Indo Nepal Transmission Lines
  • Karimnagar Thermal Power Project
  • Krishnapatnam Thermal Power Project
  • Nuclear Power Corporation of India Limited
  • ONGC Tripura Power Project
  • Thermal Power Projects : 726.6 MW Tripura Gas Power Project
  • Thermal Power Projects in Tamil Nadu
  • Transmission Lines
  • Waste to Energy Projects

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