Physical Infrastructure


1004 MW of Wind Power Projects

IL&FS Energy Development Company Limited (IEDCL) has been an active player in wind energy development, which is the most well developed sector in the Renewable Energy space in India. It has an installed capacity of 549.6 MW in operation as of March 31, 2014

It is targeted to establish green-field wind farms across various states in India with a cumulative capacity of approximately 1004MW by end-2015

Highlights of the business :

  • Delivers clean energy
  • Is cost-competitive with new coal based power
  • Is cheaper than new gas based power
  • Takes much shorter duration to construct and commission when compared with coal, gas, hydro, and nuclear power stations
  • Is modular in nature (i.e. no need to wait for entire project to be completed before connecting to grid)
  • Stable policies for wind energy in India over more than a decade
  • Developing projects from concept to commissioning in a relatively short period of time, and in-house technical expertise is used to supervise external parties
  • Short duration in realizing ROI
  • Risk diversification by spreading projects across the seven windy states of India namely, Rajasthan, Tamil Nadu, Madhya Pradesh, Gujarat, Karnataka, Maharashtra and Andhra Pradesh
  • Favourable revenue mix from Feed in Tariffs, APPC + REC, and direct sale to industrial and commercial electricity user

This existing operational capacity already places the IL&FS Group as amongst the largest Independent Power Producers (IPPs) from Wind in India, and this position is expected to be maintained with the upcoming commissioning of new wind projects.

Projects in this Sector
  • 1004 MW of Wind Power Projects
  • 1090 MW Tripura Gas Based Power Project
  • 145 Km, 400KV, D/C Indo-Nepal Transmission Line
  • 6000MW Nana Layja Power Project (4000 MW Coal & 2000 MW Gas)
  • 660 km, 400 kV Transmission Line – (Associated with Tripura Power Project)
  • Bihar State Electricity Board
  • Biomass Projects
  • Biomass Projects in Aurangabad, Maharashtra
  • Indo Nepal Transmission Lines
  • Karimnagar Thermal Power Project
  • Krishnapatnam Thermal Power Project
  • Nuclear Power Corporation of India Limited
  • ONGC Tripura Power Project
  • Thermal Power Projects : 726.6 MW Tripura Gas Power Project
  • Thermal Power Projects in Tamil Nadu
  • Transmission Lines
  • Waste to Energy Projects