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Quila Nabha

Department of Culture, Government of Punjab (GoP) is envisaging private sector involvement in conservation of historical and heritage properties by integrating conservation and tourism/commercial or institutional reuse in order to make conservation self sustainable. GoP has identified Quila Nabha, a historical fort, on pilot basis, for Private Sector Participation in Conservation of Heritage and Cultural Properties

‘Swiss Challenge’ option of Unsolicited Proposal has been adopted by GoP to encourage Private Sector Participation and develop the project on Public Private Partnership (PPP) basis

An Unsolicited Proposal has already been received by GoP for Conservation and Restoration of the Quila Complex. The following are key features of the Proposal:

  • The project has been proposed to be implemented on Lease Format by the Original Proponent

  • The Quila Complex has been proposed to be reused on philanthropic basis

  • No activities that are of commercial nature have been recommended, other than establishment of commercial outlet for promotion of arts and crafts of the region

  • The Original Proponent has proposed 15 years as implementation period for conservation of the Complex

  • The establishments of two institutions, Rural Development and Microfinance Initiative (RDMI) and Rural Entrepreneurship and Management Institute (REMI) have been proposed

Based on the above proposal made by the original proponent, IL&FS Infrastructure Development Corporation Limited (IIDC) is in the process of formulating the bidding strategy, including the commercial terms to be incorporated in Implementation Structure of the Project

Expression of Interest (EoIs) have been received from interested firms and Request For Proposal would be issued soon

The Project is one of the projects being developed under the Project Development and Promotion Partnership (PDPP) between Punjab Infrastructure Development Board and IIDC. The scope of services of IIDC inter alia include Project Development Advisory, Marketing of the Project, Bid Process Management and Developer Selection

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