Our strength comes from the merit and diversity across our employees

At IL&FS, employees are not merely resources but the source of the Group’s strength and growth. As an organisation, IL&FS is founded on integrity, professionalism and equal opportunity. We place enormous value on merit, diversity and interdependence.

We believe that the diversity of gender, thought, culture, skill sets and experiences across our employees is central to the company’s capacity for excellence.

Women at IL&FS

Right from our employment policies to internal growth programs, we have created significant platforms to embrace and strengthen the role of women in the company.

We have crafted initiatives like Ananya to support women’s contribution within the company and promote gender diversity. Ananya works towards broad-basing career opportunities within the Group by identifying and creating women role models, and conducting leadership development programs for its women employees.

We proactively extend support to our women employees to address needs emerging in different phases of their lives through the Life Stage Support initiative. A robust Prevention of Sexual Harassment (POSH) framework ensures that women at IL&FS always have a secure and supportive work environment.

Investing in our Employees

At IL&FS we believe in nurturing talent. We believe that a high potential talent pool is built by supporting employees in their development and providing the right opportunities for growth.

IL&FS encourages a workforce that is updated and highly knowledgeable: among other facilities, a Knowledge Centre with a rich library is available to the employees.

The Power of Cross-Pollination

The Group’s broad footprint in the infrastructure sector means that our employees have diverse opportunities to offer their talents across a dynamic spectrum. We encourage mobility of talent between group companies: not only does this help IL&FS to leverage its diverse skills sets, but also motivates employees to offer their best and keep growing.

As employees cross-pollinate into different roles and projects across the group, a variety of experiences and skill-sets influence each other, exposing personnel to new ways of thinking. This becomes a platform for career opportunities for employees, and makes the company more productive.

IL&FS draws on its strengths of entrepreneurial zeal, innovation, empowerment, and diversity to deliver a seamless and unified employee experience.