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Medical Care in Cuddalore

For decades, communities in Cuddalore have suffered from anaemia, malnutrition, hypertension, diabetes, cancer, gynaecological disorders and other chronic diseases. Lack of awareness and inaccessibility to affordable healthcare has worsened their plight.

Working in the catchment area of the ITPCL power project, we partnered with the non-profit NGO, DESH, to launch a static clinic and a Mobile Medical Unit in order to reach out to the communities and help improve their health. Apart from this, we also helped sensitize people about various health risks and the benefits of medical care, through street plays, rallies and exhibitions. The programme has mobilized and empowered 150 village-level health groups, with 4 or 5 members in each group, who disseminate health related information and facilitate ownership amongst the community towards health related issues.