Modernizing Hill Agriculture

The mountain villages along ITNL’s Chenani–Nashri tunnel project receive significant rainfall but do not have water for irrigation. We introduced a drip irrigation system based on Roof Rainwater Harvesting for cultivation of vegetables in hilly regions. A demo installation of the system in Rani Devi’s farm helped her earn Rs 3000 from a tomato crop. Now she also cultivates cabbage and other vegetables, and has been motivating fellow farmers to adopt the system.

We have been promoting vermicomposting among the farmers of rural Jammu & Kashmir. Farmers enthusiastic about moving away from chemical fertilizers were taken to Jammu and Nashik to learn about vermicomposting and modern agricultural practices. We helped set up a pilot unit of vermicomposting in one of the farms, which is being used for vegetable cultivation. It is becoming an inspiration to more farmers to adopt techniques of chemical-free farming.

We have also introduced many farmers to modern cultivation practices such as tray nurseries, plastic mulching, and use of diesel-powered ploughs to ensure agriculture in these areas becomes a sustainable enterprise.