The project aims to create digital literacy among students and teachers of government and government-aided schools by setting ICT (Information & Communication Technology) labs and providing manpower services to manage them for a period of five years. The ICT project in Gujarat was recognized in 2013 by World Education Awards, while IL&FS Education was awarded the Best ICT company by India Didactics Association in 2015.


Innovations and Impact

  1. We have set up almost 18,000 computer labs spread across 168 districts in 8 states and 3 Union Territories of India, including some of the most remote rural locations. Almost 1 crore students and 90,000 teachers have benefited from the project.
  2. Building capacities of teachers and other school officials to use IT is an important part of the project.
  3. It additionally encourages students by way of recognition and motivational events such as the State Level Student Championship programme in Odisha.
  4. The project generates job opportunities by employing local population as IT coordinators in labs. It empowers local community by running various programmes in the labs, such as English HelperTM, Google Internet Saathi, and Life Skills programmes.


June 2010 First ICT project started in Gujarat


ICT Education Footprint
A matrix of all ICT projects implemented by IL&FS Education since 2010 with district-wise footprint

Computer Labs, IL&FS Education
We set up computer labs in schools to enable Computer Education and Computer Aided Learning.

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