IL&FS started its energy business in 2008 through its subsidiary IL&FS Energy Development Company Limited (IEDCL), with an objective to develop, own and operate power generation and transmission assets in India and abroad.

Focus on Renewable Energy

IL&FS was the first to structure and roll out large wind farms across all the seven wind states of India. Today, IL&FS is one of the largest wind energy players in the country, with the capacity to significantly expand its footprint further.

IEDCL has worked closely with government and various trade forums to make India’s renewable energy policy robust and scalable.

With frameworks to help attract private investment to the sector, IEDCL has helped several State Governments to broaden and deepen their renewable energy footprint. It has also partnered several state utilities for developing renewable power generation, transmission and distribution projects on a PPP basis.

Creating Capacities, Fulfilling Needs

Over the past decade, IEDCL has secured a number of power generation projects with diverse fuel linkages, from coal and gas, to wind and solar. 

With a 50-50 balance between renewable and thermal energy, IEDCL has over 3000 MW of power generation capacities already in operation across diverse fuel sources. An additional 15,000 MW of power generation capacities are in various stages of development.

In addition to generation, IEDCL has focused on the enhancing the transmission sector which it sees as a key bottleneck: if India is to be able to produce energy where it is cheapest and transport it to where it is needed, the augmentation of transmission capacities is critical.

Powering Growth through Partnerships

With its demonstrable in-house expertise across the full gamut of the project development and management cycle, IEDCL provides, on a selective basis, advisory services to  Central and State Governments, large public sector companies, as well as private sector clients. IEDCL takes pride in proactively contributing to the formulation of power sector policies in India.

The Group’s strategic partnerships, leadership in project development, strong domain knowledge, wide geographical spread, and financial expertise place the IL&FS Energy vertical at the cutting edge of the energy sector in India.

Key Projects