IL&FS Energy Development Company Limited (IEDCL) is among the largest Wind IPP players in the country. Of a targeted wind capacity base of 1,004 MW, IEDCL has already installed 775.2 MW. The projects have been executed on a turnkey, fixed EPC price with the EPC partner Wind World India Ltd.

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Innovations and Impact

  1. Wind projects are environmentally friendly and non-polluting as they do not produce any liquid or gaseous effluents associated with fossil fuel and nuclear generation
  2. The wind energy generators being used are based on gearless technology, which helps to eliminate mechanical losses. It also combines the variable speed with variable pitch and hence increases the conversion efficiency.
  3. The projects are being implemented across geographically diversified locations constituting the major wind power producing states of India.
  4. The projects are based on long term and diversified PPA arrangements.


2011 50.4 MW capacity added in FY 2010-11
2012 106.4 MW Capacity added in FY 2011-12
2013 205.6 MW Capacity added in FY 2012-13
2014 187.2 MW Capacity added in FY 2013-14
2015 115.2 MW Capacity added in FY 2014-15
2016 62 MW Capacity added in FY 2015-16
2017 48.4 MW Capacity added in FY 2016-17


Wind power producing states across India

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