IL&FS Environmental Infrastructure & Services Limited (IEISL) promotes environmental initiatives in Public Private Partnership frameworks. In the role of Programme Manager, IEISL conceives, steers and manages projects that have a complex interface between government, business and communities.

Partnerships towards sustainability

Founded as a strategic advisory company to help integrate environmental considerations in decision-making across sectors, IEISL has nearly two decades of experience providing end-to-end solutions in this space.

The Company has partnered India’s Ministry of Environment and Forests, and the US Agency for International Development (USAID), to successfully develop programmes such as the Kottayam Ecocity initiative, the Environmental Information Centre, and the Greenhouse Gas Reduction initiative in the textile cluster of Tirupur.

From compost to carbon financing

By innovating a viable business model for waste processing, IEISL has created a highly successful niche in the waste sector. Managing over 11,000 tonnes per day of municipal solid waste (MSW) across the country, IEISL is among the first to mainstream carbon financing in the country.

IEISL has also set a quality benchmark for manufacturing compost and has long-term tie-ups with major fertilizer companies.

IEISL is able to reuse 95% of every tonne of municipal solid waste through streams like energy generation and recycled products. With such a significant capture of carbon, IEISL has successfully positioned its operations for carbon financing.

Geospatial information

The company has the distinctive ability to develop and customise geospatial information. IEISL’s ISO 9001:2008 certified geospatial division complements the company’s environmental expertise by assisting project proponents in developing sustainable solutions integrated with spatial technology.

The company has been mandated by Airtel Africa to provide geospatial data for 16 African nations.

Platform to Scale

The environmental goods and services sector in India is estimated to be worth over Rs. 250 billion and it is expected to grow at 10% to 12% per annum. IEISL has the expertise and skill-sets to scale up its operations in the environmental infrastructure space and establish itself as a leading institution in MSW management.

Key Projects