IL&FS Maritime Infrastructure Company Limited (IMICL) acts as a sponsor, developer and investor for diverse initiatives in the Maritime and Logistics Infrastructure sector in India and overseas.

Challenges and Opportunities

India has a large merchant shipping fleet, ranking 16th among the maritime countries of the world. About 95% of India's overseas cargo by volume and 75% by value are carried by sea. As the few major ports of the country reach capacity constraints, the private sector’s role in developing the numerous non-major ports is steadily growing.  

With strategic alliances and services to address opportunities and challenges in the sector, IMICL is creating a robust business platform.

Going beyond Ports

The maritime sector is increasingly becoming an integration between marine infrastructure and hinterland infrastructure. IMICL is consolidating local skills with supporting infrastructure, such as port services, coastal shipping, inland waterways, logistics hubs and FTWZs.

IMICL’s commitment to implementing sustainable, integrated infrastructure development in and around maritime assets is transforming our project influence areas into thriving economic centres.

Today IMICL’s project portfolio is well diversified across the maritime and logistics sector with projects worth $2 billion. They include greenfield ports, specialised cargo terminals, multipurpose berths, tank terminals, and integrated maritime complexes with shipyards, in India and the United Arab Emirates.

Key Projects