McKinsey & Company aims to impart employability-linked skills training to youth, thereby meeting the growing requirement for a skilled workforce in the healthcare, hospitality and retail sectors. IL&FS Skills is the largest partner for implementing McKinsey's Project Generation in India, which addresses the need for sustainable youth employment through an innovative, replicable, rapidly scalable youth employment model that offers a measureable return on investment for employers and youth.

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Innovations and Impact

  1. Industry-standard machinery and simulated labs are installed in the training centres to provide hands-on experience to the trainees.
  2. IL&FS Skills conducts end-to-end vocational training. In addition to imparting domain-specific skills, additional modules train candidates in soft skills, IT and life skills to help them succeed in the workplace.
  3. IL&FS Skills aims to train 9,000 youth under Generation project and has successfully trained 4,000 youth till date across 7 locations in the country, with more than 80% of the trained youth subsequently engaged in gainful employment. The project contributes towards the national agenda of Skill Mission through the social and economic empowerment of the youth.


July 2015 Pilot phase: Healthcare training in Delhi/NCR
January 2016 Mandate to train 4000+ youth in Healthcare
March 2016 Hospitality sector added
January 2017 Retail sector added
2018 5000+ numbers to be added in Healthcare, Hospitality & Retail in FY 17-18



IL&FS Skills

Generation Initiative

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